Greetings, horny stroker boys! Allow me to introduce myself. My name is Dixie and I am a 26 year old girl with a penchant for getting down and dirty on the internet and telephone. I just got my Bachelor’s degree in Fine Arts and am filling my spare time partaking in dripping wet PHONE SEX sessions that could include just about anything that your sex obsessed minds can conjure. I am experienced in all types of fetishism, role plays and steamy scenarios. There is a button located on this page that will make it as simple as a click for you and I to get started. I guarantee that you will NOT be able to erase our encounters from your mind and you WILL be calling me again and again! I will be using this blog to keep you all informed of my naughty doings, availability and all things SEXY! What are you waiting for? Come fuck this bitch!


I haven’t posted in a few days! Shame on me. I have, however, finally prepared some absolutely juicy new pics of what I love to do to myself in the shower. Can you guess what that is??? Why not just click here to see for only $8.99! Trust me; you will be glad that you did!

Wow, this week has been so eventful! My house was burglarized and in the process my laptop and modem were stolen, therefore I was unavailable for PHONE SEX SESSIONS . Trust me, I remedied that situation rather promptly! I love what I do and cannot stay away from hearing men stroke and making them cum for long. Here are some new reviews left by super happy stroker boys! :

***** Absoutely Amazing, jumped right inot my fantasy and got me exactly where I needed to be. and sounded like she enjoyed doing so. My new #1. beautifully intoxicating voice 5 stars is simply not enough

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Well, in light of the rising crime rate in my neighborhood I am going to be moving very soon. That means I may be unavailable at some point for a day or two! Fret not; I will be back promptly to take your calls and tickle your balls! Over and out, strokers!



Ooooh, I am so excited! I just modeled for a sexy steamy shoot that ended up with me doing naughty things to myself in the shower! Once the photos are ready I will be posting them for your lusty viewing pleasure!

On another note, I have found myself caught in the middle of all sorts of juicy PHONE SEX scenarios this week! I have been involved in threesomes with hot little 18 year old chicks. I have been taught a valuable carnal lesson from my horny college professor. I have been a virgin and a loose tramp…quite honestly, you name it and I have done it. If you haven’t tried me, hesitate no longer! Here are some of the reviews I have received in reference to my wicked hot Phone sex services:

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There you have it, boys! See what you are missing? Fret not, I am waiting for your call once you’ve worked up the courage. Try me! I dare you!

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