New Shower pics coming soon!

Posted on: October 3, 2008



Ooooh, I am so excited! I just modeled for a sexy steamy shoot that ended up with me doing naughty things to myself in the shower! Once the photos are ready I will be posting them for your lusty viewing pleasure!

On another note, I have found myself caught in the middle of all sorts of juicy PHONE SEX scenarios this week! I have been involved in threesomes with hot little 18 year old chicks. I have been taught a valuable carnal lesson from my horny college professor. I have been a virgin and a loose tramp…quite honestly, you name it and I have done it. If you haven’t tried me, hesitate no longer! Here are some of the reviews I have received in reference to my wicked hot Phone sex services:

***** FUCKIN AWESOME! She’ll get RIGHT into your sickest fantasies, she is one of the best out here….If you like it nasty, kinky or even a bit twisted…CALL HER NOW!

***** I would be hard pressed to find anyone who knows her way around a role play better than Mistress Dixie. She is training me well on my way to being a full “blown” sissy.

*****Hot and Nasty! Highly recommend!!

*****Miss Dixie is one great call. Took my fem fantasy and really ran with it. Sexy voice, very understanding and just flat out HOTT!

There you have it, boys! See what you are missing? Fret not, I am waiting for your call once you’ve worked up the courage. Try me! I dare you!


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