A few of my sexy pics are available!

Posted on: October 12, 2008

I haven’t posted in a few days! Shame on me. I have, however, finally prepared some absolutely juicy new pics of what I love to do to myself in the shower. Can you guess what that is??? Why not just click here to see for only $8.99! Trust me; you will be glad that you did!

Wow, this week has been so eventful! My house was burglarized and in the process my laptop and modem were stolen, therefore I was unavailable for PHONE SEX SESSIONS . Trust me, I remedied that situation rather promptly! I love what I do and cannot stay away from hearing men stroke and making them cum for long. Here are some new reviews left by super happy stroker boys! :

***** Absoutely Amazing, jumped right inot my fantasy and got me exactly where I needed to be. and sounded like she enjoyed doing so. My new #1. beautifully intoxicating voice 5 stars is simply not enough

*****OMG, Dixie is the most amazing woman around so HOT and very sexy!!!

*****holy crap–dixie is simply awesome–no wasted time just right into. just what i needed this morning!!

*****Outstanding…friendly, fun, open! Doesn’t get any better!

See what you are missing when you are reluctant to call! 😦 for you! My rate is a very affordable $1.25 a minute and worth every penny!

Well, in light of the rising crime rate in my neighborhood I am going to be moving very soon. That means I may be unavailable at some point for a day or two! Fret not; I will be back promptly to take your calls and tickle your balls! Over and out, strokers!


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